Website Updates: Is There A Cost Involved?

I’ve had a few clients recently commission work from me and then express their surprise when they received an invoice for this work. The purpose of this post is to clarify what services I charge for.

Here’s the easy version: unless I say otherwise, I charge for everything.

In general, if I’m working for you, I expect you to pay for those services. Feel free to ask for a quote or estimate of costs before I start the work but assume beforehand that the work will be chargeable.

If any client engages me in work on their website I expect that they expect to be invoiced. This includes:

  • Small updates such as changing contact details and adding a Google map
  • Large updates like a complete overhaul of your home page
  • Emergency work such as recovering a broken shop and transferring all content to WooCommerce

I hope that clarifies things. If I’m working for you, or about to work for you, and you’re wondering if I might work for free, please ask me. If I haven’t explicitly said the work is free then please assume it is billable.