Gold Coast Caravan Sales Welcomes Lotus Caravans

We’ve been working with Gold Coast Caravan Sales for many years now. They continue to evolve as a company and in recent times they’ve welcomed three new labels to their stable. This is a complete turnaround for Gold Coast Caravan Sales; they have not a single brand they had two years ago. In terms of their web presence this means they’re having re-grow and reach out to a new audience. Where before you might Google “Bailey Caravans” and see then in the mix for top spots, now we’re looking for people to Google the new brands and we start from scratch (eg not first page) for those terms.

lotus freelander caravan 2015

Lotus Caravans

Lotus Caravans are a uniquely Australian brand. They have four caravans in their range and they’re all off-road capable. This makes sense for an Australian market, where so many of the good destinations lie down the end of a dirt road.

Caravans in the Lotus range:

  • Trooper
  • Off Limits
  • Freelander
  • Sprint

You can get details of Lotus Caravans from their website. Or better yet visit Gold Coast Caravan Sales Lotus caravans page.

Updates To Caravan Sales Website

We’ve been terribly busy on Gold Coast Caravan Sales website. Apart from pushing to get their website to appear for Lotus Caravans searches, we’ve also raised Royal Flair caravans searches to the front page. They’re another brand recently adopted by Gold Coast Caravan Sales. We’re sitting mid page on first page for searches on Royal Flair caravans so we’re reasonably happy with short term gains but there is more work to be done.

The biggest changes have been to the functionality of the website. We’ve created a custom post type for caravans, separating it from the WooCommerce based listings it used previously. We customised the way they list caravans, making the process easier and more flexible. We’ve customized the presentation of the listings. And most importantly we’ve customized the search function available to visitors. We now have a filter and search system, allowing visitors to specify exactly what they want from a caravan (eg, off-road with ensuite under $50,000) and get results only for those listings. Gold Coast Caravans Sales website draws good traffic and most people head directly to the caravan listings page. By improving this page we can significantly improve the efficacy of the website.

You can check out Gold Coast Caravan sales listings page here.

What More For Gold Coast Caravan Sales?

We’re actively working on some big changes to the Gold Coast Caravan Sales website. We can’t tell you any details at this stage but we’re sure to have announcements soon.