New client : All Natural Meat Co

POGO and its sister company POW Designs have been busy with a whole range of new clients. One our favourite clients are All Natural Meat Co. This family-run farm and butcher have a great ethos that the POGO team fully agree with. Peter and his family farm using sustainable farming methods. They believe in the regeneration of their property for future farming and also using cross farming practices. This means that they crop rotate – or in this case, animal rotatation. The free-range pigs move from one location another, their droppings providing nutrients to the soil, they eat the weeds that can get out of hand if not kept in check. Weed maintenance in many farming practices is usually by using pesticides or weed killers. All Natural Meat Co. recently bought three camels. The camels live with the pigs eating the weeds the pigs don’t. When they camels live with the cattle they eat foliage that the cattle can’t reach. At the same time their gut enzyme is beneficial for improving health of other animals sharing a water trough (and despite the rumours, they are quite loving and gentle.)

The meat produced on the farm in Northern NSW is some of the best pork and beef around – so it was easy for us to do a website and manage the social media for All Natural Meat Co. They have a product we believe in! They also have a farmstay with the most amazing view of Mount Warning.

POGO have been busy building them a workable webpage – which includes booking forms for the farmstay and meat products, and also managing the social media for All Natural Meat Co. This has meant visits to the farm to see the family on site and visits to the local markets to take photos of the team in retail mode. It has been a fun project and will be ongoing as we build up the client base for our clients.