Will DIY Pest Control Work?


In some instances, homeowners search for ways to cut costs for projects. There are some tasks that you can tackle yourself such as painting cabinets.

But there are certain tasks, like plumbing and electrical tasks, that should be handled by experts. This is also true for the control of pests. In certain situations, you are able to manage it yourself.

In other instances, you’ll have to seek out someone knowledgeable about the behavior of pests and how to treat them. Find out below the best time to seek assistance for pest control sydney.



Although DIY solutions include directions on the labels of their products, they don’t provide the same knowledge professionals with training in pest control have. They spend their time looking for bugs and know the best ways to get rid of them.

There are many DIY bed bug remedies available in the market. But a certified pest expert knows that treatment for bed bugs isn’t all “one size fits all”. If you consult a professional in pest control you will save yourself time and stress.



Although DIY pest control might seem like a better choice at first, however, in reality, it could cost more than hiring an expert over the long term.

Professional pest control experts know the best methods to tackle certain pests and know which methods are effective, and they will choose the best treatment decisions right from the start. If you decide to go with the DIY option, you’ll have to undergo several trials and errors before you are able to reduce the size of the infestation.



Chemical handling is always an inherent risk. Although many available DIY pest control products have been accepted for use at home, it is important to exercise caution when working with chemicals that you’re not knowledgeable about.

The chemicals can cause harm to people or pets, as well as plants in the vicinity. When you employ a pest specialist and remove the possibility of risk. The professional will analyse your environment and requirements like pets, and assist you to choose the chemical (as well as non-chemical treatments) that are most suitable for your family’s needs.



In the case of small infestations, DIY techniques can be successful when used properly. But, for stinging bugs such as termites, bed bugs, or more extensive and frequent infestations, it’s recommended to contact an expert. Here’s why:

  • Insects that sting can be a significant health risk. In fact, they can send half one million people to the emergency room each year.
  • Termites are particularly destructive pests that can cause over $5 billion worth of property damage each year. Pest specialists have been trained to recognize the distinct biology and behavior of termites. They are able to conduct routine inspections to identify early indicators of a problem and, should they be required, they are equipped with the necessary tools and expertise to efficiently treat an infestation.
  • Bed bugs are definitely not a problem that can be dealt with by yourself. They are notoriously difficult to find, usually hiding in hard-to-find areas like behind electrical switches and in wallpaper. A qualified pest expert will be able to identify the places which place bed bugs tend to be hiding in your home and will be able to design a treatment strategy to eliminate the insects while also ensuring the security of your family members and pets.
  • Pest infestations that are frequent and persistent can be an indication that your home is tempting insects, and may be an indication that you’re not noticing something that a professional would be looking for like a tiny entrance point or drip beneath the sink in your bathroom.



DIY pest control strategies appear simple because you can perform them on a schedule that is convenient for you. Many people think that hiring a professional pest control firm can be a hassle to their routine. But, a reputable business will partner with you to ensure that they arrive when it is convenient for you.

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