IP Camera Setup

If you’re want cheap security for your business or home then your best alternative is probably an IP camera. Depending on which IP camera you use, Pogo can usually offer full IP camera set-up for a little over $200. That includes the IPcamera, the installation of the IP camera and set-up of the modem to […]

Gold Coast Electricians


Pogo have been working with local Gold Coast trade directory 1800 Get A Tradie. It’s great to see them growing and demand for the site increasing. One area where they have a special interest is in the Gold Coast electricians field. This is probably driven by the part-ownership of Gold Coast electrical company Southeast Electrical. […]

Gold Coast Handyman

Our friends over at 1800 Get A Tradie have listings for a variety of Gold Coast tradesmen including Gold Coast handyman Galea Home Maintenance. With a growing list of tradesmen they’ll soon have a just about every other Gold Coast trade added to their site including the Gold Coast handyman category. The 1800 Get A […]

Website for ADC

Australian Davits and Cranes are a local manufacturer of cranes for boats (ie davits). Their old website was looking a little long in the tooth so they approached us to give it a face lift. ADC provided some great images so we were able to keep the site clean and simple and let the images […]

Website for Gold Coast marine and environment company

Business has diversified and expanded for Jay and Jay Industries and they wanted a website that reflected where they were as a business, where they were headed and¬†the depth and quality of their products and services. We were lucky enough to work quite closely on this product with JJ. They gave a lot of their […]

SEO update for Black Label Transfers

Pogo has been commissioned to improve the search engine rankings of Gold Coast airport transfer service Black Label Transfers. Our strategy has been manifold but consists in the main on getting them linked from quality like-minded sites (such as AICOL and Great Value Holidays) and increasing the amount of search engine focused content on their […]

Gold Coast Brisbane Airport Transfers

Black Label Transfers are a local Gold Coast company who do airport transfers from Brisbane and Gold Coast airports to locations in the Gold Coast and Byron Bay region. As part of their web marketing strategy Pogo are creating for Black Label a series of SEO focussed websites. The first, Gold Coast Brisbane Airport Transfers, […]

Synchronize audio and video in your movies

Bugs me and I’m sure it bugs you too. Movies that are out of sync. This can be a common problem when playing movies on your computer, especially ripped movies. The good news is there is a way to adjust the delay in the audio and it doesn’t involve messing with the space/time¬†continuum. First up, […]

Tips for blogging

An active blog page is an important part of a modern website. In fact, a blog itself can out perform a website, if that blog is maintained regularly. My own blog, Single Speed Gold Coast, is top or near top on many crucial search terms within its field. Blog or News pages can be very […]

Funniest IT video

I hadn’t seen this video for a year or two. When I stumbled upon it again the other day I knew I had to blog it. I think I laughed just as hard this time as the first time I saw it. Of course The Webserver Is Down bears no resemblance to what happens at […]