New Website For Galea Handyman

Galea Handyman is a long time client of ours. We did a simple website for him a few years back. His business is growing and so is the scope of what he wants to achieve with his website. He’s come back to us to update that website. The new website allows him to add services […]

Gold Coast Caravan Sales Welcomes Lotus Caravans

We’ve been working with Gold Coast Caravan Sales for many years now. They continue to evolve as a company and in recent times they’ve welcomed three new labels to their stable. This is a complete turnaround for Gold Coast Caravan Sales; they have not a single brand they had two years ago. In terms of […]

New Website for DPS

Direct Planning Solutions had an existing website designed by Pogo. Top ten search results meant it drew good traffic and converting that traffic meant the site represented a good return on investment. As a website though the original wasn’t as accomplished as it could be. We felt that we could better convert traffic and represent the […]

Pure BodyTea Weight Loss Tea

I’d only recently heard of this phenomenon of herbal weight loss tea when I was approached to do a website for a new brand. The owner and I spent time together reviewing the current websites, him showing me which ones he liked, together discussing the merits of them. My opinion of these sites was that […]

Electronic Cigarettes | Nicotine free e-cigs and vaporizers

Electronic cigarettes are tobacco and nicotine free vaporizes that that emit nothing but steam and a faint scent. The practise of using them is called “vaping”. What’s interesting about them is they’re often used by smokers who are quitting. By simulating the exercise of smoking it replaces the smoker’s habit of the physical practise of […]

North Queensland Coach Tours

Our friends at Great Value Holidays have specialized in train tours for some time. For train tours Queensland Train Tours is a market leading website. We realized that a train tour is essentially also a coach tour also. When you’re picked up from the train it is by coach that you are transferred to your accommodation […]

Website for ADC

Australian Davits and Cranes are a local manufacturer of cranes for boats (ie davits). Their old website was looking a little long in the tooth so they approached us to give it a face lift. ADC provided some great images so we were able to keep the site clean and simple and let the images […]