5 Tips to Pick the Right Algorithmic Trading Software

A trader uses trading software with some amount of trust to handle their hard-earned money hence you need to be very choosy about the trading software you finally use. Understanding Trading Software is important as there are hundreds of such software programs available which makes it more difficult to choose one hence it is important […]

How Cryptocurrency is Influencing the FinTech Sector

fintech finance

Financial technology companies have brought a revolution in the financial system as it has overcome the drawbacks of the slow traditional financial system. You need not stand in long lines at the bank to make a simple transaction as mobile finance apps have made every financial step automated, which is why billions are being invested […]

A Guide to Succeed in The FinTech Industry

Bitcoin coins in woman hands. Close up view

We all are aware that the percentage of start-up fails is high, but still, we see many passionate entrepreneurs struggling to make their start-ups work. The potential to succeed in the FinTech industry is high owing to the huge shift of customers from traditional finance methods to using technology for financial matters but still, you […]

8 Essential Steps to Develop a Secure Fintech App

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The integration of technology and finance has given rise to multiple business prospects and building a FinTech app for your business is one of the approaches to use this technology to propel your business further ahead in future but the issue of data breach is on the rise hence we have come up with 8 […]

Shaving Websites


I used to shave. And then I realized that the less you could see of me, the better looking I became. Since being freed of the tyranny of daily shaving I’ve realized how nice it is not having to scrape a sharp blade against your face every day. And it’s not like I have issues […]

Top Ten Tips for Tip-Top Tech Support

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Have a Ticket System Large companies that are offering support to their vast client pool will often use a ticketing system to keep track of tasks and ensure that all issues are addressed in due course. Even for internal support, a ticket system allows for increased organization and ensures that techs are not overwhelmed but […]

What is the best anti-virus for your computer?

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What is the best anti-virus for your computer. This is a good question. You want the best protection you can get and you’re prepared to pay for it, what do you get? Another great question would be, where is all that smoke coming from in this picture above? Okay, moving on… We’ve been recommending and […]

Data Breaches Podcast


I’ve just finished listening to the second season of Breach, a podcast about data breaches. It’s supported by Carbonite this season, which is a great piece of cross-promotion. There are few better ways of protecting yourself (as an individual or company) against a data breach than having a reliable back-up. We’re a Carbonite reseller ourselves […]

Eight Crucial Tips For Growing Your Small Business

Small business of a young couple.

An important part of helping your business succeed involves getting more customers so that your business can grow. Unfortunately, this isn’t as easy as it might sound. If you are ready to start bringing in more customers, put these eight sensible tips from experts at Mighty Social into action today. Recognize What Your Customers Need […]