Mela Purdie at No1 Boutique

[email protected]green is dead. Long live No1 Boutique. The Evergreen centre, where [email protected] was located, changed hands this year and was renamed. During the transition [email protected] took the opportunity to rename themselves to No1 Boutique. They’re rolling out a new logo (designed by Pogo) and updates to their website and social media pages. It’s a progressive […]

What Are Explainer Videos?

explainer video image

The phrase ‘explainer videos’ is a new one popping up in web design circles. The concept has been around for a while and you’ve probably seen explainer videos before. Explainer videos are those videos you see (usually on the front page of a site) and they quickly explain about that site’s product or service. Still […]

Handyman Brisbane | 1800 Trade Directory

Our trade directory clients 1800 Get A Trade directory continue to expand their directory into new fields and territories. Now if you’re looking for  Brisbane handyman 1800 Get A Tradie has you covered. Pogo are quite proud of the role we’ve played in this on-going expansion. 1800’s ability to grow existing markets and expand into new […]

Web Video Productions

Web video is the fastest growth area for web content at the moment. The thing with web video productions is it has to be done right. Poor video is a wasteful exercise.  Good video productions capture and maintain attention, quickly convey the message and convert interest into inquires. We spoke recently about the advantages of […]

Electricians for Brisbane’s Southside

1800 Get A Tradie continues to grow on the back of aggressive search engine optimization from Pogo and a sensible approach to reaching into new regions by the 1800 guys. They’re creeping up the highway and now have handyman and electricians on Brisbane’s southside. Handyman South Brisbane The existing listings for handyman Gold Coast have […]

Murkani: Beautiful Sterling Silver Jewellery

an example of the beautiful imagery on the Murkani sterling silver jewellery website

If you want something special in sterling silver jewellery Murkani might have what you’re looking for. All jewellery has been designed by Australian designer Kiralee Murphy and is handmade by Bali artisans that Kiralee has found while on travels. Murkani Sterling Silver Jewellery Website Pogo have been lucky enough to work with Kiralee for design […]

Gold Coast Caravan Sales

The guys at Gold Coast Caravan Sales have been very busy on their website since we updated it earlier in the year. They’re constantly adding new products and updating their news feeds. It’s always great to see a client take a website and grow it. We recently identified a couple of areas where they could […]

Manual Facebook Status Updates From Your Blog Feed


Sending feed updates from your blog to Facebook is easy enough to do. Free tools such as Twitterfeed and will pick up your RSS feed and post it to Facebook, with an image. Problem is, Facebook often doesn’t grab the right image. WordPress has available some excellent tools for telling Facebook which image to […]

Surfers Paradise Backpacker Resort

We’re lucky enough here at Pogo to deal with some nice people. The good folks at our favorite Surfer Paradise backpackers resort (otherwise known as Budds in Surfers) have been great to deal with. They went through some struggles initially. There were difficulties with council approvals and expectations for opening for summer and taking advantage of […]

Online Video Marketing

Over 1 billion people visit You Tube every month. With those sort of figures you can see why online video marketing is a growing sector. And while You Tube is the biggest player in the web’s video market it’s certainly not the only one. Vimeo has a large and growing internet presence also. What this […]