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Caravan Sales Classifieds Website Proposal

Pogo are delighted to submit a proposal to Caravan Sales for development of your new website. When considering this proposal we would like you to realise that every element of this proposal has either been implemented as part of Caravan Sales existing website (eg PWA, Push Notifications – which we explained later) or the have been extensively tested (such as the membership, submission and updating of listing elements).

The website will function along the lines of a Caravan and Camping Sales or TraderRVs website. Individuals and companies will be able to list their caravans. Visitors will be able to contact the sellers via a form provided with each listing.

Please note that during the testing phase of this proposal we made numerous small changes to the current Caravan Sales website. What you see now on the listings pages, for instance, is substantially similar to what we would implement on the new website. The images are to the left, an inquiry form to the right of that, a list of flat graphics and at-a-glance information below. Below that is specifications and information and a second (drop-down) form.

Scope of Services

Create a website for caravan sales to act as a classifieds website where individuals and companies can list caravans. This website will be designed to compete against websites like Caravan and Camping Sales and Trader RVs. Elements of this are discussed below.


Levels of membership will be available to clients who want to list caravans. This will include a minimum of two membership categories. For private listings a membership will allow them to list one caravan. Private membership will allow them to list for the duration of their sale (eg six months). For dealers a membership will allow them to list a fixed amount (say 10). Multiple dealer memberships could be made available. For instance, two levels, one at 10 and one at 20 caravans. Dealer memberships would be paid monthly. Membership fees will be paid via credit card payments available on the website.

Listing Of Caravans

Once a member is signed up they can list their caravan online. A form will allow them to add all details necessary including uploading of images, description of the caravan, and mandatory fields such as make, age, length etc.

Updating Listing

Any member can sign in and update details on their caravan(s). A private owner will see just one listing. A dealer will have all of their listings available to them.

Browsing and Filtering Caravans

Visitors browsing the website will have a choice to browse via categories (eg caravan, pop-top) or to use a form where they can filter their choices (eg price, location etc). Individual listings will appear very similar to current listings. The filter would by necessity be more complex. It would be similar to Trader RVs front page filter. Additionally we could provide a map where visitors can move around and click on listings, similar to what AirBNB provide.

Contacting Seller

An inquiry form will be available on each caravan listing. The email from this form will go directly to the seller.


The design of the website will be along similar lines to Trader RVS. At the top will be the filter/search section and beside that flat icons for browsing categories. Below that a carousel with latest listings. Space on the website will also be reserved for advertising so that the website can be better monetized. We also suggest that as the website grows content will need to be produced, such as caravan reviews, and a space included on the home page for the most recent news.The layout of the individual caravan listings page will be similar to is right now. The main difference will be that listings will not have separate tabs for Description, Interior, Exterior and Specifications. Gathering that information would require too much from the person listing the caravan. What will be provides is a Specifications tab and a Description tab.


Converting the website for PWA (Progressive Web App) will allow users to load the website instantly, even when offline. PWA bridges the gap between website and mobile app, giving app-like functionality without developing a separate application specifically for mobile. Key components of PWAs are that they are reliable, fast and engaging. In addition, push notifications send new listings directly and instantly to visitors' phones. Using Google's AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) with PWA guarantees great user experience on mobile devices and better SEO outcomes.

Publish To Facebook

All new caravan listings could be published automatically to Facebook. We suggest that this feature be trialed to make sure no-one publishes obscene or spammy content. (It's unlikely anyone would on a website where they have to register and pay to list their caravan but you never know.) Taking advantage of Caravan Sales 12,000+ Facebook audience would be a major selling factor for anyone considering a listing. We suggest that at the least an upsell or featured listing could be offered to dealers.

Additional Recommendations

The speed and reliability of the website would be paramount considerations. As such the website would reside on a server by itself and use a separate service for sending of emails. Caravan Sales' current website already has fast load times. When testing listings against Caravan and Camping Sales (using we are on average twice to three times faster. It must be noted also that Caravan Sales listings load a very large quantity of images (25-30 photos). And so the actual page load size was roughly 3 times greater than that tested at Caravan and Camping Sales while still being much faster to load.It would be important to maintain this as the website grows. Below are recommendations for hosting and growing of the website.


Speed and reliability are essential. We recommend an Australian-based standalone managed VPS (virtual private server) with the ability to grow without relocating or downtime. We would supply an 55Gb SSD, 1 Core server with 2Gb for $50 per month. This could be scaled up to 80Gb, 2 Core, 4Gb as the website grows. That is the equivalent server currently shares with numerous other websites that generate well over 20,000 visitors month. And that could be easily doubled again as the website grows, spending perhaps $100 per month for server costs at that stage.Daily backups would be included in this.

External SMTP

In addition to server hosting we highly recommend an external SMTP service. This service allows monitoring and control of email traffic from the website. And the ability to scale up when required. Most importantly, it provides a service where emails are far less likely to be bounced or hidden by spam controls. Providers such as SMTP2Go allow sending up to 20,000 for as little as $US14 per month.

Growth Of The Website

As part of the growth of the website an over reliance on advertising would prove costly. It would be important to grow an audience through social media and mailing lists (such as Mailchimp) and search engine optimization. As part of that campaign would be unique content, such as caravan reviews. Initially such content would rely on phone conversations with dealers, information from websites, and photos submitted by dealers. We already provide similar content for a builder, talking to the home owner and publishing articles using interview material and photos supplied. As your website expanded it would outgrow this approach and it would be necessary to find dedicated caravan writers to provide material, such as Caravan and Camping Sales and TraderRVs have done. The dissemination of information would remain the same, using Facebook, Instagram, and Mailchimp as primary drivers.An integrated marketing approach that included content, targeted advertising, re-targeting, and SEO would be recommended. Push notifications on Caravan Sales current website already number 3,000+ subscribers. Facebook has 12,000+. This gives us a great base for future expansion.


The initial development will require several months. Following this will be testing and then a soft launch. We will then make changes based on experiences to date and resolve any issues that arise. Following this will be a full launch of the website and again we'll make changes based on feedback.

Estimated Timeline:

November- December

Graphic Design
2 - 4 weeks
Web Design & Implemtation
1 - 2 months
Testing and Updating
2 - 4 weeks
Convert to PWA and AMP
1 week
Soft launch
1 month
Full launch and resolution
1 month

Your Investment

Design and branding
Web Design and Implementation
Convert to PWA and AMP
Testing and finalising

Total: $8000

Approve Proposal

If you would like to join us and become a client then we’d be delighted to have you.

This proposal has already been approved!