Caravan Mattress Toppers

What price do you place on a good nice sleep? If you’ve forked out over $50,000 for a caravan, saved up your holidays, and finally headed off, the price of a good sleep is now high enough to want some comfort. Spending an extra $350 on a comfortable bed doesn’t seem like much at that point. And that’s what Dreamer RV offer. 

Memory Foam Caravan Mattress Toppers

Most of us will have some kind of mattress topper at home these days. Memory foam is particularly popular because it has an ability to ease aches and pains. People with disabilities often look for the best quality memory foam they can get. It’s ability to help them sleep well at night is valued. For the rest of us, a memory foam mattress topper is a great way to add comfort to our beds.

The thing is, there weren’t any memory foam mattress toppers on the market made specifically for caravans. Caravan mattresses are usually rounded at the corners. This means that standard toppers droop over the edges at the corners. You’re then face with customizing your own memory foam mattress topper to make it suit your caravan bed.


Dreamer RV Caravan Mattress Topper

Enter, Dreamer RV

Having spoken to many people during a couple years on the road, Tara and James knew there would be a market for Dreamer RV caravan mattress toppers. Everyone spoke about the compromises they’d made to get a good night’s sleep in their caravan. So Tara and James decided they would fill this market. That started the design and testing phase of their journey.

Not all memory foam is born equal. Sourcing and testing the memory foam was the first hurdle. They then had to source a manufacturer, have samples made, test the samples and eventually decide on a finished product. Once that was done, the big step for a first time entrepeneur is ordering that first shipping crate filled with stock. I can only imagine it was an exciting day when it all turned up.


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Their Caravan Mattress Toppers Hit The Market

They’ve been selling for less than a month now and so far they have been very well received. Dreamer RV did a great job of building a social media audience prior to launch. This meant they had a market ready to buy once the website was launched.

The shop that Dreamer RV had made for themselves was using Shopify. It was too restrictive and unwieldy for what we wanted. We needed the freedom to arrange elements according to their most effective value for both visitors and search engine optimization purposes. So we di did a quick copy of the website into WordPress, installed and customized a WooCommerce shop, added affiliate marketing and numerous payment portals, tested…and the Dreamer RV team launched the website. 

So far everything has gone exactly to plan. They’re already number one for searches on “caravan mattress toppers”, which will be there main search keyphrase for the moment. They’ve got steady sales and are about start rolling out their affiliate marketing plan. 

We’re very happy to be involved in the success of  Dreamer RV and can see that they’re going to do very well with their product. 



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