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The purpose of this website development is to take the existing direct-to-consumer website and convert it into a trade-only website. The website will sell all the air-conditioners, part accessories needed for the installers to do their job.

The implementation will take into account the needs of B2B customers. It will allow them easy access to ordering, previous orders and account details.

This website will also include a sub-website (eg that will provide the help articles and a help-desk ticketing system for SE Air Direct clients.

Scope of Services

The main website will take the existing e-commerce base and adapt it for trade use.

Prices on application

All prices will be hidden until the user has completed an application and that application has been accepted. The account/login page will hide all details until the client is logged in. If they aren't logged in they'll see the login/register buttons.The registration page will add the registered user as a "Subscriber". This will not allow them to see prices or make purchases. The process of accepting the client is to elevate them from "Subscriber" to "Customer" in the backend of the website. Once done, the client can make purchases and view their account.The registration form will have additional fields as required (eg business name, ABN and phone number), as well as the standard WordPress registration fields. Once the registration is received the client can then be directed to the credit application page (which is already on the existing website).

Table list for product items

Products will not be laid out in the typical grid system used on most e-commerce websites. It will be based on a table system that allows users to see all products within a category on one page. They can add to cart directly from that page or click through to items for more information.A partial example of this can be seen at You can't click through to individual items in their menu but the table layout is demonstrated adequately.

Sort and Filter

From the main menu in the header visitors will be able to go to the main sections such as air-conditioners or accessories.We'll also implement a sidebar search and filter that allows visitors to filter for items within a particular sub-set, eg Air-conditioners > split systems.They will be also able to move between various categories (eg air-conditioners and accessories) without leaving that page. Trade clients are likely to buy products within several sections during one purchase. We'll make it easy for them to do this by allowing them to sort and filter all on one page. eg, they can add an air-con and the parts required for installation and then move to the checkout.

Help Website

The help website will be a copy of This site will allow SE Air Direct to add articles that answer common problems. You can then direct clients to that article rather than answering the same questions each time. Clients can search the knowledge base and if they don't find the information they need they can submit a ticket.Notification of tickets is sent to your email. You can then log in to the help website and answer the ticket. Once finished, the ticket is marked as closed.Adding articles is a simple matter of adding a document in the dashboard. You can copy from an existing article on a manufacturers website, link to a page or write your own document.

Abandoned Cart

People who abandon their cart will be automatically emailed a link to continue their purchase.

Newsletter Sign Up

Purchasers will be added to the newsletter email list.

Additional Recommendations

We'll need a full list of air-conditioning types and brands. We'll also need to know each section within the parts and accessories categories. Where possible, we would like some seeding information (eg examples of air-conditioners already exist, which is great, but some parts and accessories that we could add to the website during implementation would be great also). The adding of the bulk of the products would be the client's responsibility though.


We anticipate a timeline of 4 weeks, depending on the availability of information required to finish the website (eg category information).

Estimated Timeline:

4 weeks

Web Design and implementation
3 weeks
Help Desk
1 week


Main website
Icons and graphics
Help desk website

Total: $2900

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