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Electronic cigarettes are tobacco and nicotine free vaporizes that that emit nothing but steam and a faint scent. The practise of using them is called “vaping”.

What’s interesting about them is they’re often used by smokers who are quitting. By simulating the exercise of smoking it replaces the smoker’s habit of the physical practise of smoking. While there is yet any strong evidence of the efficacy of this practice as part of a quit strategy many smokers report improved success when combing electronic cigarettes with other quit strategies.

I first came across electronic cigarettes when friends of mine tweeted on election night wondering what the heck was happening with the woman behind Peter Beattie. She was clearly smoking some kind of device and yes it did look odd. What was curious was she was smoking in a busy room and no-one seemed to care. In a country where no-one has smoked on camera for decades it certainly stood out.

While I imagine a seasoned politician like Peter Beattie would have liked to control such distractions during an interview it’s interesting that no-one seems concerned this woman vaping on an e-cig (as they’re known).

Electronic Cigarettes Online

A few days later I was approached by a long time customer to do an electronic cigarette online shop. Electronic cigarettes are a rapidly growing market, as this image from Google Trends shows.



As you can see, Australia is lagging behind somewhat but overall the growth in electronic cigarette searches is growing rapidly. It’s a good time for my clients to get into selling electronic cigarettes online. With the US as in indicator of where the market is going many Australian companies are vying for a presence in this growing market. The Australian market will follow the US market for electronic cigarettes and those who wait too long to capture a market share might fid that entry into top search rankings has become difficult. By setting us a site and promoting it we can protect our investment with further SEO to maintain and grow our position in the e-cig market.

Electronic Cigarette Starter Kits

With any SEO strategy it’s important to grow the main target keywords (electronic cigarettes, e-cigs, etc) while finding short-term goals and niches to exploit. We identified electronic starter kits as an achievable keyword target. Our electronic cigarette starter kit blog is the focus of this campaign to make this site grow.

disposable electronic cigarette often used as a starter kit for new vapers
Disposable electronic cigarette often used as a starter kit for new vapers