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Let’s Talk SEO

Now that you have a website the most important thing is getting people to it. And then converting them into clients. These two different but

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Top Ten Tips for Tip-Top Tech Support

Have a Ticket System Large companies that are offering support to their vast client pool will often use a ticketing system to keep track of


Data Breaches Podcast

I’ve just finished listening to the second season of Breach, a podcast about data breaches. It’s supported by Carbonite this season, which is a great

stealing data

How Much Is Your Data Worth

How much is your data worth? I remember asking this question of a client a year or so back and they said, it’s everything. Without

Useful Tips On How To Reclaim VAT

Reclaiming VAT on business expenses that are small shouldn’t be difficult. Here is a guide that we have put together where we will show you