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Gold Coast Computer Services

Laptop Repair

Laptop screen repairs with quick turnarounds and great prices. Our genuine screens have zero pixel warranty and 2yr warranty.

Home Computers

We love working with people in their homes and providing solutions and computer repairs for Gold Coast home users. We’re experts across a range of IT devices that families use.

Business Services

We provide human-centric IT solutions that work because they figure in the single best part of any IT solution: the user.

Wireless Hotspots

Wireless hotspot solutions you have total control over. Charged or free, Facebook sign-ups, or combinations of. Small cafe to large resort.

Data Recovery

Recover deleted emails deleted from a flash drive or important business data after catastrophic hard drive failure.

Cloud Computing

Get your head into the clouds with Pogo. Improve efficiency, save money and secure your data. We’re Google Apps certified resellers.


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Call A Friendly Gold Coast Computer Expert

Our phones are manned by friendly IT experts, not sales or booking centre staff. This means we get the right details of your computer problem, despatch the right staff with the right tools for the job. Oftentimes we solve it over the phone or advise another course of action. We won't send our a computer tech until we have all the facts.

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Book You Gold Coast Computer Expert

PC or Mac, home or office, stand-alone computer or business network, book your computer tech and we'll attend on time. Our advanced dispatching and job tracking system means we track all jobs in real time and organise our techs for maximum efficiency. Book for today, tomorrow or next month.

computer services

Computer Services Home Or Workplace

Pogo attend to your computer problems in your home or workplace. We also have a remote access client that enables us to fix problems without attending on site. We'll use the best option to service your computer needs in the best and most cost-effective manner.

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Existing clients log into the service desk to submit, monitor and update tickets. New and existing clients can use screen connect to allow us to connect directly to your computer for immediate assistance.

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pain centre of excellence

Chronic pain is a problem that, for many people, alludes treatment. The reasons for chronic pain can be multifarious and complex and hence require an approach that takes into account the many possible approaches to pain management and treatment.

The Persistent Pain Program

The Persistent Pain Program is based on the known and proven science of pain treatment. It incorporates many facets of treatment including physiotherapy, occupational therapists, pharmacists, psychologists, exercise physiologists and specialists pain management doctors.

This team-based, multi-disciplinary approach is the best way to manage chronic pain. If you've had treatment for chronic pain in the past you've probably experience the disconnect between therapists. Perhaps your physio has tried to communicate through you to your psychologist? eg "next time you see your psychologist let them know..." That's one of the problems eradicated by a team-based approach. The advantages of having a holistic approach to your health are better communication and a team who are working together in the same direction to help you manage your pain.

Gold Coast Pain Centre Of Excellence

Exercise physiologist working with pain management patient

Gold Coast's Pain Centre Of Excellence is located at Spendelove Private Hospital. The Persistent Pain Program is managed by experienced pain management specialists Dr Heide Feberwee and Dr Dionne Litton. As pain management specialists they offer the latest in pain treatment, including medicine interventions, and help you understand and control your pain.

Costs Involved In Their Pain Management Program

This is the good news. There are no costs. Their pain management program is fully covered by private health insurance and DVA. Patients covered by Workcover and compulsory third party insurance may also be covered. Best you check with them at the Pain Centre Of Excellence to find out.

There may be some costs for incidentals, like TV and wifi (which Pogo set-up for Spendelove!).

Individually Tailored Pain Management Programs

Programs at the Pain Centre Of Excellence take into account each patient's unique needs. Chronic pain encompasses a wide range of causes and treatment is tailored according to each patient's needs. Best outcomes in pain management are obtained for each patient.

Pain Centre Of Excellence Website

You can find out much more about the Pain Centre Of Excellence by visiting their website. Pogo were happy to help PCOE deliver this website. It was a pleasure to work with them.

Visit The Pain Centre Of Excellence

We've dealt with a huge range of security products in the past. From lone IP cameras to full DVR systems, from cheap ebay purchases to medium and high level full definition cameras. In the last decade we've seen a gradual change in quality, mostly for the better (if you discount the rubbish people buy off ebay). High definition cameras mean it's now possible actually identify the person who just robbed you. (I've seen plenty of grainy images of people you would never identify even if you knew them.)

Until recently there still existed a divide between what was possible for home users and what professionals could enjoy. That's now changing quite quickly with the new generation of smart home systems available. We've recently been given the Home Smart Kit to try and so far we're very impressed.

Smart Home Automation

Everyone's getting hot about home automation these days. You know when Apple gets involved it's going to be big. Smart lights that allow you to control the colour from your phone from Philips (and just about everyone else) have been around for a while.

I personally don't see why you'd want to control the colour of your lights from your phone. It smacks me as a cheap gimmick that indicates how that smart home automation is still in it's infancy.

Home modders have used Arduino and Raspberry Pi to hack their own systems. Some of that stuff's getting pretty sophisticated but it's not exactly within the realms of what most people can achieve.

Cheap home automation systems that are effective, have a simple set-up and work reliably are few and far between. That's why we're loving Home Smart Security's home smart kit. It contains a smart home security base unit, that's also the camera, a passive infra-red sensor and a smart socket. The smart socket allows you to turn things on and off from your phone. Want to come home to a cool house? Connect it to your air-conditioner and turn it on as you leave work.

smart home security

Want to scare you boss by turning on the office radio while you're in the line at Subway? Luke does.

Want to turn on the compressor? Yes, that was Luke again.

Smart Home Security

Obviously we're a little taken by the idea of home automation. The heart of the Home Smart system is security though. The base kit comes with a passive infra-red (PIR) and a you can get a reed switch to alert you of intruders. This is professional level kit. It's the sort of thing our office alarm system uses. The PIR and the reed switch both come with batteries and sync directly to the base unit (which looks like an IP camera). All you need to do with these fellas is stick them to a wall, door or window and they're ready to go.

The quality of the video was fantastic. I've always been at pains to get our clients to buy decent gear when selecting security cameras. Too often the video on cheaper units is not clear enough to make it useful when it's actually needed. The high def video on the Home Smart stuff was very impressive, especially when you consider the cost of the unit.

One thing I would like to have seen is an alarm unit that fits with the system. The system has some incredible features, such as alerting you on your phone when there's an intruder (and you can then view the camera on your phone). That's great but I'd like to have seen a nice loud alarm to scare away intruders. There's a port so you can add one but nothing from Home Smart that's as plug-and-play as the rest of the kit.

Smart Simple Set-up

Setting this up was a doddle. It could hardly be easier. It's all done through your smart phone. This video shows you the basics of it.


My main concern with stuff like this is it's doing us out of money. We're often called in to help with configuration of security systems and with this stuff I really can't see why we'd be required.

One you've got the main unit set-up the other stuff connects to it. You can add a reed switch just by sticking it to the wall and syncing it to the base unit. The peripherals run off batteries so you don't need to do any wiring.

I've run through the set-up about a half-dozen times now, just to test it. It's been reliable every single time. That's a great sign. I find most equipment works the first time, hence why I tested if through multiple challenges.

Buying The Home Smart Kit

The Home Smart Kit is $450 and it's a great place to start as an all-in-one home security and automation package.

Follow this link to buy yours online.

Ace Rental are a Gold Coast and Brisbane equipment rental company. They hire heavy equipment like skid steer loaders, trucks, excavators and earthworks equipment to worksites across Gold Coast, Brisbane and south east Queensland. They also have traffic management equipment such as light boards.

We were lucky to have Cody from Creative Illusion working with us on this one. His video helped created an eye-catching website.

If you would like to know more about Pogo's web design services you can view our webdesign portfolio.

Wifi losses are inevitable and the further you get from your wireless router the more you lose. Depending on a bunch of factors (walls, other wifi stations, etc) you might lose half your wifi signal over less than 20metres. If this is you, you might benefit from wireless AC.

Wireless AC is the latest generation wireless standard (taking on from G and N). It's much faster and with support for dual-band it can potentially find clear bandwidth in a crowded space.

How Fast Is Wireless AC?

Potentially 1Gb per second. This compares with wireless N of around 100Mbs. Potential speeds are largely dependent on a number of factors such as Bluetooth, microwave, your neighbour's wifi, and the dynamics of your space. The big difference between wireless N and AC is how they perform in the real world. Our testing so far shows that wireless AC is much better in normal conditions. Testing speeds in real world situations on the Gold Coast shows that speed losses of half and more on wireless N translate to speed losses of almost zero with wireless AC.

Test Case One: Wireless AC for typical Gold Coast home

In this scenario our user could not use his laptop at his desk. The Telstra modem was located at the other end of the house. The speed coming from the modem was around 35Mbs. The speed in the study varied from nil to just barely walking. Once connected to wireless AC we tested the speed at 35Mbs.

Test Case Two: Wireless AC in our office and workshop

In the upstairs office my laptop typically gets speeds of around 30-50Mbs. We have speeds of over 100Mbs available via Bigpond cable so we're looking at losing half our speed over a short distance. Wireless AC on the other hand contained those losses to barely noticeable. We tested consistently around 100Mbs.

Wireless AC for you home or office

Depending on the dynamics of your location, you won't always get the same fantastic results we got. But you're far more likely to get good speeds and it's certainly a the best upgrade for anyone who is experiencing wifi problems. Remember it is dual band, so if you're in a cluttered wifi space, then moving from the 2.4Ghz to 5Ghz band can resolve problems.

Upgrading to wireless AC

You'll need to replace your wireless router. Not all wireless AC routers are born equal and you'll have to chose one based on your needs. You might want to talk to us about this because you can get cheaper options that'll cover you just fine if you have ADSL and just want a better wifi experience. But if you're wanting all the benefits of wireless AC you'll be well placed to spend a little extra. Expect to spend from $100 to $400 for a router.

Support for wirelesss AC

If your device (laptop, phone etc) is a recent model, then it'll probably have wireless AC support already. If not, laptops and PCs can be upgraded with a wifi dongle. Expect to pay around $50-70 for something decent. (Please note, prices change and I'm talking around December 2015 prices here, in case you're reading this at a much later date.)

Summary of Wireless AC

Wireless AC offers transmission rates formerly only seen in with physical ethernet cables connected to your PC. You can now set-up wireless networks that rival infrastructure solutions. This is great for SOHO situations. In your home, wireless AC is a great way to enjoy your full broadband bandwidth without being physically connected to your router.

Smart technology for the home is one of the fastest growing areas of technology at the moment. When you see Apple investing in technology you know it's going to be big. Bringing this technology to the level where it is more accessible and affordable is where Home Smart Security comes in. They have some great technology that integrates easily, can be installed by a home user, and provides the functions of a smart home technology.

home smart security

Home Smart Security have a base kit unit that has a camera, a motion detector and a smart socket. The latter allows you to turn things on and off from your smart phone. All the parts of the Home Smart Security system work directly from your smart phone.

One of the things I liked best about the Home Smart Security Home Kit was how easily the home user can set this up. The entire set-up is done via your smart phone (iOS or Android). You log in, tell type in your wifi code, then show the camera/base unit the QR code generated on your phone. The camera reads the code and does the rest of the work from there. The camera and all the security functions of the Home Kit are now available to you from anywhere where you're connected. As someone who often attends jobs for connecting IP cameras and CCTV to the internet it's wonderful to see technology that does it all for you. I've seen many cheaper units that require an hour or two of my time to set up for internet viewing or some that won't connect no matter how much we try. This unit did all the hard work for us.

Smart Security

Security is the heart of the matter for this system. The Home Smart Kit comes with a passive infrared (PIR) motion detector and the base unit which also contains the camera. It's a hell of a lot more effective for security that a single camera, which rely on software based motion detection. The unit connects directly to the app on your phone and will alert you when something goes on you should know about (as well as sounding an alarm). You can log in directly on your smart phone and view what's happening.

You can add to the base package with reed switches (to protect doors and windows) and panic buttons.

Beyond security, the kit also contains the Smart Socket, which you can control from your phone to turn things on and off.

For those of you who fondly remember former Pogo staff member Amy, you'll be glad to know we're keeping it in the family by working for her father. His company, South East Electrical, had a dated and increasingly poor performing website. He asked us to rehabilitate that website.

gold coast electrical services

Gold Coast Electrician

South East Electrical's website used to place very well for web searches on the search term "Gold Coast electrician". It had slipped past first page, past second...it was effectively invisible. Whereas it previously brought in a good amount of business, referring several new clients each week, it was now doing no trade for South East Electrical.

South East's focus was on getting the site back to where it belonged. They hadn't come looking for a new website but that was for us the starting point. The old website wasn't responsive/mobile friendly, which is no good either for visitors or Google search rankings. It was also quite clunky by modern standards and need a clearer design to convert the traffic once it arrived.

The new website is our starting point. Apart from our design, which you can see, we've also moved host to a faster (because page speed is an SEO factor)  and we've applied a security certificate (SSL) to the site (because it's good form to protect your visitors info if you're asking them to enter details on your site and because Google says this is another thing they're looking for from us).

A Good Start For South East Electrical

Having laid the foundations for further work, we're off to a good start. Search engine results have improved across the board even though we're yet to start the real work of moving them through the search results. Several terms are in the top ten, including, "Gold Coast domestic electrician", "Gold Coast emergency electrician" and "Gold Coast electrical services". Results can be volatile after making such big changes and we can expect these to yo-yo somewhat but we're encouraged by our success to date.


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