3 Ways to Prepare for the Google Page Experience Update in May 2021

seo trends

Google is set to roll out its most significant SEO update in recent memory with the forthcoming Page Experience update that will go live on May 4th, 2021. For the first time, Google will include core web vitals as a ranking factor for organic search. The update will pertain to how users interact with a […]

Online Brand protection

brand protection

Mark has a website. The domain is: marksplumbing The question is, how many other Mark’s and plumbing services are there within this area? This is Marks’s opportunity to protect his new brand and make his business name easy to remember in the online world. A way to stand out from his competition could be by […]

Let’s Talk SEO


Now that you have a website the most important thing is getting people to it. And then converting them into clients. These two different but related goals what will the term in the success of your website. So you need a strategy for getting those people to your website full stop and then you need […]

Gold Coast Pest Inspector

gold coast pest inspector

Richard Eedy from Gold Coast Pest Inspector has had a ragged time with his website. He had a good looking website made up for him that didn’t do any good in Google searches. He got some work done on it that didn’t help. And then he got a new website. And the new website was […]

Black Label Transfers

Gold Coast Airport Transfers staff member PJ

Black Label Transfers are an airport transfers company that we have personally dealt with your over a decade. We started off doing general IT for them and have since taken over management of their website. That website management includes design, updates and search engine optimization (getting to the top of Google). Gold Coast Brisbane Airport […]

Family Mediation Station

family mediation station

The Family Mediation Station is a client who first approached us to do some piece-work on their website. The website was very nearly ready to see the light of day but needed some work before it could be considered finished. We jumped in with some new suggestions on how to include social media in the […]

Brisbane Electrician

Looking for a reliable Brisbane electrician? Then look no further than South East Electrical Services. With over 50 years industry experience in Brisbane and on the Gold Coast, and clients in both home and commercial markets, South East Electrical Services have proven themselves as an electrician Brisbane can rely on. What have we been doing […]

CCTV Camera Systems for home and business

Brisbane CCTV camera systems

What is are CCTV Camera Systems? Closed Circuit Television was initially developed as a means of security for banks and casinos, however, today it has been developed to the point where it is simple and inexpensive enough for a CCTV camera systems to be used in business premises and homes for everyday surveillance. CCTV camera […]