Laptop Batteries

When your laptop battery gets old, tired and sad call Pogo for price and availability for you model. We can supply for most makes and models. New laptop batteries from $50! Genuine laptop batteries are now available for most major brands. Please call us for a price or to place an order for a replacement battery. Acer […]

Gold Coast Brisbane Airport Transfers

Black Label Transfers are a local Gold Coast company who do airport transfers from Brisbane and Gold Coast airports to locations in the Gold Coast and Byron Bay region. As part of their web marketing strategy Pogo are creating for Black Label a series of SEO focussed websites. The first, Gold Coast Brisbane Airport Transfers, […]

Synchronize audio and video in your movies

Bugs me and I’m sure it bugs you too. Movies that are out of sync. This can be a common problem when playing movies on your computer, especially ripped movies. The good news is there is a way to adjust the delay in the audio and it doesn’t involve messing with the space/time continuum. First up, […]

Tips for blogging

An active blog page is an important part of a modern website. In fact, a blog itself can out perform a website, if that blog is maintained regularly. My own blog, Single Speed Gold Coast, is top or near top on many crucial search terms within its field. Blog or News pages can be very […]

Funniest IT video

I hadn’t seen this video for a year or two. When I stumbled upon it again the other day I knew I had to blog it. I think I laughed just as hard this time as the first time I saw it. Of course The Webserver Is Down bears no resemblance to what happens at […]

Plantronics Backbeat 903+ stereo Bluetooth headset follow up review

My love affair with Plantronics’ Backbeat 903+ stereo Bluetooth headset has come to an early demise and I’m already sadly missing my stereo phone conversations. Having a conversation in just one ear now seems so stupidly lopsided. Let me digress. Bluetooth annoys the hell out of me sometimes. I’m yet to have any phone/Bluetooth devise […]

CCTV supplier Footprint Security

Gold Coast based business Footprint Security sell CCTV and security products Australia wide. Pogo, through its dealings with Footprint Security, have used and now can recommend many of the CCTV products sold by Footprint Security. Footprint sell DVR units from 4 channel up to 16 channel, as well as cameras to suit pretty much every […]

Pirate movies landmark case

It’s a landmark case in many respects and now that iiNet has won ISPs will no longer be liable for the illegal downloads of its users. The film industry has sued iiNet for allowing its users to download pirate movies, the peer-to-peer and torrent downloading that so many people practice. The judgement doesn’t mean it’s legal or proper […]

Compro IP cameras

Compro have a great range of IP cameras. In my last blog on Compro cameras I posted a video on the IP70. It’s a great camera that gives excellent video and audio quality  at a good price as well as decent night vision. I have embedded the video below to show you how it looks. My […]

CCTV Gold Coast

As a result of Pogo’s close relationship with TES Gold Coast Pogo can now offer CCTV and security installations to all our customers. TES Gold Coast have been established on the Gold Coast for over 30 years and have the best range of experience in CCTV and security that the Gold Coast can offer. When […]